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OMG don't drop it!
Save $50-$100 July 19-25 only
Arc'ing from us, to you, to the trash STARTING AT $149.99
The less discerning person's Nexus 7 - CNet Reviews
Read quickly, before the screen breaks! $129.99
Lasted almost two week!. -
Save big on your next broken eReader! $79.99
Proving even small Kobos can break easily - Danny S.
Whatever you do, don't actually touch it $99.99
#1 Worst Customer Support -
  • "False advertising: Kobo is NOT portable."– JoeGoodsnake


Covers DON'T protect the screen! - Team Kobo

Which eReader will
break for you?

Why eReading when books don't break?

Discover the pleasure of talking to tech support with Kobo


Carry one light, compact, non-functioning package! Especially good if you don't like to read!

Easy reading

Customize your experience with adjustable fonts on easy-to-break non-glare screens.

Save Money

You can't bue over 3.5 million eBooks from anywhere if you Kobo with built in Wi Fi isn't working.

Any device can be an eReader

So you should probably get something other then a Kobo eReader if you actually want to read eBooks.

Kobo eBooks are forever trapped

No need to throw out old books! You can just throw out your broken eReader, and all the books locked to he will be automatically lost as well - convenient!

Keep your library card

Your going to need it to get books to read, once your Kobo eRead fails.